Claim for your employee’s wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Published on 28/03/2020

Hmrc have released further details on the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme and confirmed that you…

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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Published on 21/03/2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – Under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, all UK employers will…

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Budget 2020 – Business tax summary

Published on 14/03/2020

Budget 2020 Business tax summary The Coronavirus Budget As widely predicted, the COVID-19 outbreak led…

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Company loans: Things you need to know as a Director

Published on 07/03/2020

Get closer to the intricacies of company loans. Can I lend money to my company?…

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Small business tax investigations yield £1.2bn in unpaid tax

Published on 22/02/2020

HMRC raises £16 for every £1 it spends on staff carrying out investigations into the…

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Online CGT payment system

Published on 15/02/2020

HMRC trials online CGT payment system for 30-day change The payment window for capital gains…

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Brexit implications for VAT

Published on 08/02/2020

Brexit implications for VAT As the UK has agreed to leave the EU with a…

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HMRC self assessment investigations

Published on 25/01/2020

HMRC opened 300,762 investigations into self assessment tax returns, according to data released in 2019…

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What expenses can you claim when self-employed?

Published on 18/01/2020

Self assessment: what expenses can you claim when self-employed? There are a wide range of…

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National Insurance Contributions record

Published on 11/01/2020

Look after your National Insurance Contributions record : No one else will It’s essential that…

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