VAT cuts

Summer Statement – Job funding, VAT cuts and eat out discounts

Published on 11/07/2020

Just four months after his first Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled a summer economic…

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VAT payment deferral period

Published on 20/06/2020

The VAT payment deferral period ends on 30 June 2020. This means you’ll need to:…

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VAT reverse charge on construction services.

Delay to VAT reverse charge on construction services

Published on 13/06/2020

HMRC has announced a five-month delay to the introduction of the VAT reverse charge on…

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Optimum Directors Salary 2020/21

Published on 25/04/2020

The optimum directors salary 2020/21 will be £8,788 per annum, which equates to £732 per…

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New Tax year changes

Published on 11/04/2020

April 6 heralds the start of the new tax year, which sees the personal allowance…

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Tax changes for property owners

Published on 29/02/2020

What you need to know: tax changes for property owners An overhaul of capital gains…

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Tax Codes – what your tax code means

Published on 21/09/2019

A tax code is a string of letters and numbers that tells HMRC how much…

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Rent Out My Parking Space (Driveway, Field or Land) - TAX FREE

Rent Out My Parking Space (Driveway, Field or Land) – TAX FREE

Published on 08/09/2019

If you have a driveway, field or land that can be utilised for parking then you may well have an excellent opportunity to earn some income, TAX-FREE!

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Increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on additional properties

Published on 30/01/2016

Proposals to bring in higher rates of stamp duty land tax (SDLT) on purchases of…

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Dividend allowance

Published on 03/12/2015

The government announced at the summer 2015 Budget, that a new dividend allowance of £5,000…

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